Anapana Courses for Children and Teenagers 2018 

In 2018 two Anapana courses for children and teenagers will be organised for girls and boys aged from 8 to 18: one course in Cluj-Napoca on the 30th of September and a course in Bucharest on the 7th of October. Registration will be open from the 09th of September and can be done at:

The first Anapana course for children and teenagers organised in Romania

On the 1st of October 2017 the first course for children aged 8 to 18 was organised in Romania in the city of Cluj. The course took place in parallel in Romanian and Hungarian (which is the largest minority in the country). The conducting teachers came from Germany and Hungary, and the course was attended by 17 Romanian children (7 boys and 10 girls), 6 Hungarian children (5 boys and 1 girl), all of them being new students. The course was served by 13 servers, many of them being the parents of the enrolled children.

The participants meditated very seriously and diligently and as the weather was nice and sunny, even though a little bit chilly considering the time of the year, they also enjoyed eating outside in the garden and playing outside memorable group games. The course was very successful, many children expressing their eagerness to attend children´s courses in future, therefore the Romanian trust is planning two courses in 2018 in two major cities: Bucharest and Cluj.

Pictures from the course can be seen here

Below some of the feedback given by the children at the end of the course:

"This day was a very fascinating day for me and I was so happy to meet new people. I had fun and I will certainly come back."
"This course has been very calming and useful for concentration."
"This day I spent with you was wonderful. I have learnt to concentrate better and to be more aware of myself. I relaxed and I felt like in kindergarden, in childhood, as if I had travelled back in time, and it was wonderful."
"I liked this meditation because there was silence in the room. I liked most the song we learnt just before."
"This day was very interesting and great fun. I also met new people. It was nice and entertaining."
"I have been looking for a course like this for a long time, but this day has surpassed all my expectations. Thanx!!:)"
"My opinion about the course is that it is fun to be here."
"I liked the activities, but after a while they were boring. For instance the getting-to-know-each-other-game."